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Veganuary. Did you Join the Revolution?


Following in the footsteps of Dry Jan, Veganuary is fast becoming a national pastime after Xmas and may finally be making its way into the nation’s consciousness.

On Facebook I follow an amazing guy called Earthling Ed. In fact it was partly due to the videos he was posting that I decided to make the leap this time last year and try veganism. On February 1st he posted these amazing statistics.

“In 2014 1,500 people signed up for Veganuary. In 2019 over 250,000 signed up.

This is huge and I imagine, like Dry Jan, people are now participating without signing up. They no longer need updates of where to eat and how to make the most of their new diet. Nearly every restaurant now not only has a veggie option but a vegan one. Just look at Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll (it sold out in most shops on a daily basis)

So what’s changed? We know the damage that industrialised farming is doing to the environment and the suffering that goes hand in hand with making a burger for under £1. We’ve known this for a while but for some reason been able to look the other way.

Perhaps it’s the work of activists and the ease at which social media lets them spread their message or the news that we have 12 years left to save our planet from a grim future. Whatever it is it seems in the last couple of months our heads have done a 360 and change is finally in the air..

Now January is over. It’s cold and we want comfort food, roast dinners and stews. I hope and believe that many of the people that took part in Veganuary will carry on. They may not become fully fledged Vegans yet, that takes time and can often be easier for some than others. Living in London there are so many options but the rest of the country may be slightly lacking.

But speaking from experience I know that once you start down this road it’s difficult to fully turn back. For me the thought of bacon (notorious for breaking a Veggies will power) makes me grimace slightly. Thinking about drinking milk from a cow that’s been inseminated and had its calf taken away from it the day its born just does not sit well

Even if these amazing people who chose to try a new lifestyle for a month decide to ditch animal products for one meal a week it will make a massive difference. So if you took part this year I salute you. It’s a massive change and if you slipped up then so what?! Mother Earth is very proud of you and so am I!

Let me know if you took part in the comments below.