The Met Gala. Who, What, Why and Where

    Katy Pery wearing feather outfit at the Met Gala
    Katy Perry Met Gala 2018

    By now you will have gasped an Rhianna’s pope inspired hat, drooled over Katy Perry and her angel wings and applauded Francis Mcdormant and her towering head gear. But what exactly is the Met Gala and why has it become THE fashion event to be seen at?

    This feast for the eyes was originally called The Costume Institute Gala and its first event was back in 1974. Its a fundraiser and not just any fundraiser. In 2014 it raised a record $12 million. Funds raised go to The Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute in New York and the gala marks the grand opening of the annual fashion exhibit.

    Each year there is a theme and through the years some have taken interpreting this to new levels. So lets take a look back at some of the stand out outfits through the years.

    Cher and Paulette Betts, 1974
    Cher and Paulette Betts, 1974 Theme: Romantic and Glamorous Hollywood Design

    It’s all about Cher. I think that my be the tag line to my life story. Here she is in 1974 wearing a style that has become known as “The Naked Dress” by Bob Mackie. Others have tried to copy this style but Cher always wore it best.

    Lucy Liu, 2007
    Lucy Liu, 2007 Theme: Poiret: King of Fashion

    Lucy Liu got everything right with this dress by Zac Posen. From the beautiful headpiece to that stunning two foot train.

    Raquel Welch, 1982 Theme: Le Belle Époque
    Raquel Welch, 1982 Theme: Le Belle Époque

    A beutifuil snake skin print from Raquel Welch in 1982. What I love about this dress is that it has aged so well unlike a lot of 80’s fashion. (I’ve googled for hours and can’t find the designer)

    Sarah Jessica Parker, 2006
    Sarah Jessica Parker, 2006 Theme: AngloMania: Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion

    This is probably SJP’s most famous outfit from her various Met outings. By the late great Alexander McQueen, the tartan was a perfect choice for the theme “Tradition and Transgression”.

    Rihanna, 2015 Theme: China: Through the Looking Glass
    Rihanna, 2015 Theme: China: Through the Looking Glass

    And lastly, in my opinion, the current queen of the Met Gala, Rihanna. She has stunned us every year but this yellow creation is my absolute favourite. Its designer Guo Pei said “only women who have the confidence of a queen could wear it.” She certainly has that…and then some.

    I could work on this article all day but unfortunately I may be outstaying my welcome at my office/cafe. Do yourself a favour and google “Met gala outfits over the years” and you’ll be well rewarded!

    Love to you all