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Why a blog could boost your modelling career

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Although you’d be forgiven for thinking Instagram is the way to promote your modelling career, there is another way that up and coming models can build a profile; by creating a blog.

Although this may seem like a lot of work in the first instance, it’s really not.

Why do you need a blog?

A lot of creatives, models and even celebrities have created blogs. It’s a way of truly getting your personality over, and building a portfolio. Even if you’re new to the modelling game, you can get a mate, grab your iPhone and take some pictures of you modelling. Bang, you’ve got a blog post!

A blog will showcase you as a model and build a following, just as you would on Instagram, of fashion-hungry people who want to see what you’ll wear next.

Current bloggers mix outfit posts with videos and snippets about their lives to really draw their followers in. Bloggers can also make money in their own right, through product placement and sponsorship.

Alongside the Model Cloud, this will be a great tool to really build your network and practice your modelling.

Good-quality, regular posts also increase the chances that your website will be found on Google, which is an added bonus!

How do you get started?

Building a website isn’t as difficult as you’d think. You can get a free WordPress site easily, which you can then customise.

Make sure you include lots of high-quality images of your modelling portfolio on the blog. However, ensure you take steps to prevent image theft on your WordPress blog so that clients will need to contact you for usage rights.

Include an ‘About Me’ page so people get to know you, and then start regular posts. It’s recommended you blog at least a few times a week. Try different outfits, and let your readers know how they can create them. Remember, it’s about your modelling, so make sure you showcase yourself.

For more ways to boost your modelling career and build a portfolio, sign up here to create an account where clients can book you directly.

You can also send your followers directly to the Model Cloud by linking to it from your blog, which is an added win!

Photo: Instagram by wuestenigel licensed under Creative commons 2