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Four ways to improve your digital modelling portfolio

Image from Flickr

From websites to social media, there are more ways than ever to show off your modelling skills to the people who matter. If you’re looking to break into modelling, or just looking to improve your work prospects, then take note of our four tips to help you turn your portfolio from average to dazzling:

1. Be versatile

One of the best ways that most models can improve their portfolio is by taking a risk with their modelling content. Showing only one side to what you can do, whether it’s one type of clothing, one style or even one pose, won’t help you get ahead of your competition. Showing you have the artistic range to adapt to a photographer’s vision is something all the best models need.

Ensure that your portfolio isn’t a lot of the same – vary it as much as possible, and work in different mediums to show just what you can do.

2. Be professional

Social media is a melting pot of cultures, people and of course opinions. With social media so prominent in the evolution and development of a model’s career, showing a great first impression is essential – and a brand can drop you in a second should you be representing their business in the wrong light. Stay neutral, post great pictures and don’t reply to the trolls.

There’s nothing wrong with expressing your opinion on a personal, private profile, but just be aware that everything you say in the public domain is just that – public.

3. Develop connections

As with any creative business, modelling can be all about the connections. Done a shoot with a fantastic photographer? Be sure to tag them in your photos. Worked with another fantastic model? Be sure to let your social media following know who he or she is. You’ll find more than often that your willingness to share your connections will result in the same return.

A network of excellent modelling, photography and industry friends can be a huge asset to any model.

4. Put yourself in the right places

Knowing where to put your portfolio out there is just as key as curating a fantastic set of images; after all, if no one can see your work, what’s the point in producing an impactful and exciting advertisement for yourself? A platform like The Model Cloud offers you a way to show off your portfolio at its best, and reach the right people.

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