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The rise of the #ad – product modelling on Instagram

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From wigs to bikinis, hair vitamins to teatoxes, models and influencers across the full spectrum are cashing in on the ‘hashtag ad’ form of product advertising that’s taking the internet by storm. More models than ever before are using social media as a method of getting their name and face out there, but when it comes to sponsorship, it’s all about knowing what you’re worth. Here are our top tips for doing sponsored posts right:

Know your worth

When you’re starting out in the world of social media modelling, it can be tempting to take the first deal that falls into your lap. As with any job, you need to know your worth and your value before you begin accepting offers; after all, advertising a company’s product for free merch not only costs them hardly anything, it also doesn’t pay your bills.

Sites like The Model Cloud make setting prices and values easy and simple – the perfect place to direct potential advertisers.

Build a virtual portfolio

Your social media channels are one of the first things any potential employers will see of your personal brand – so consider them a digital portfolio of exactly what you’re capable of. From full body images displaying what you can do with your poses and your flexibility of style, to headshots and selfies that will give anyone who is looking a good look at your features.

Everyone knows modelling is a competitive business – and showing just how much you can do, and how many brands already work with you, is a fantastic way to get yourself ahead of the competition.

Make every shot count

When accepting sponsorship it can be tempting to take a quick candid photo and move on – but using professional photography, great lighting and your best angles not only shows off what you can do in front of the camera, it also keeps brands coming back time and time again. Candid shots every now and again are fine – but your best work should be your primary output.

Looking for a platform that can help you manage your modelling in an efficient and advanced manner? Connect with us today to find out more about what The Model Cloud can do for you.