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How social media can grow your modelling career

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Social media has dramatically changed the fashion industry, there is no doubt about that. But, it has also allowed for the modelling industry to become more inclusive, diverse and started making the playing field more even between models and brands. This post looks at how models with a large social media following can command more and better jobs in the industry.

Growing a following

Anyone can grow a social media following. It is completely free and the only limit to your potential is how much you are willing to work for it. However, it does help your career if you are a model. We know that models with a large social media following are more likely to book jobs and attract a higher fee, but how can you improve your social media presence? As a model, you are likely to have a large volume of well-shot photos in your repertoire, so get them out there. Try to post every day on your social media channels, use relevant hashtags and post at a time that your followers will be online. When trying to grow a following, it is important to engage, connect and be part of the community too. Be sure to like, comment and follow as frequently as possible and build relationships with your followers. The work you put into your social media could pay off when it comes to getting booked.

Working with brands

Brands know that a large social media following translates into sales – which is why many brands now work with social media influencers rather than booking models. But, what if they could get both? Although your focus may be on modelling, growing your following could assist you in achieving your goals, and give you a little bargaining power when it comes to working with brands. Your following could allow you to command a higher fee, book more jobs and even have a bit more say in the creative process. After all, you will know your audience best and what is likely to encourage them to buy.

Why not try and spend some time looking at the best way to grow your following on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and boost your career in 2018.