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What photos will make my profile stand out?

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By going to clients directly via The Model Cloud, there’s no need to wait around hoping that an agency will accept your portfolio. There is, however, still a need to have a series of good quality photos in order to appeal to clients. While you won’t be right for every job, there are a few techniques you can use in your photos that will help you stand out.

Keeping it simple

If you are starting out, then a simple snapshot will be fine. In some cases it can be better to not have professional photos. This is because some clients will look at a simple photo as a blank canvas, letting their imagination run wild on how they can mould your look into something they are looking for. If you use professional shots from jobs you may have done in the past, you may end up pigeonholing yourself into a specific look that the client is not after.

Minimum makeup

It’s important that clients are able to see the real you, so it’s wise to keep makeup to a minimum. All you need is a little mascara, blush and foundation as well as concealer and lip gloss if you want. Male models tend to never wear makeup, but it’s OK to use a small amount of bronzer provided that it’s not that noticeable.

Plain clothing

When it comes to clothing, you don’t need to think beyond some skinny jeans and a t-shirt. Clients will be looking at you and your body proportions, and don’t want to be distracted by your clothing. It’s a good idea to avoid long and prom dresses, as well as anything that could be considered provocative.

Keep hairstyles simple

Yes, simpler really is better with modelling photos and that extends to your hair. You want to let clients see the length as well as the condition of your hair. Be sure to keep your style simple and have photos of your hair up as well as down if it’s long. Having your hair in good condition is essential, so if you require a trim, do it before your photos are taken, and try to not use photos with extensions or weaves.

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Photo: IMGP5615_w1_1 by allan_e licensed under Creative commons 2