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Were you a Fashionista in the 80’s?

1980's Stereo

If you were I have one wish for you…that you held on to ALL your old clothes and have a great ebay rating.

We all know that the 80’s now holds a special place in our hearts. The age of the computer game, BROS on the radio and enough e numbers in your food to have you bouncing off the walls before lunchtime.

But if you were as fashion conscious, as I’m sure you all are now, and held on to your beloved items then now is the time to sell sell sell. Seriously this stuff can be worth a lot of money especially if it has one of those all important brand labels sewn into the back!

Just doing a simple search on ebay brings up page after page of items you thought would only be seen in time capsules found in the Blue Peter Garden. So if you are in the mood for an 80’s themed shopping spree, or just curious how much your old stuff might be worth now, then here are some of my favs.

First is this rather wonderful Dior blazer. Look at that lovely lace detail and those giant buttons. This could be yours for a mere £250!

Or if you are feeling in the mood for a cocktail party (who isn’t?!) this little number might be more your style.

It’s not all about the nightlife. You’ll need a nice coat and this one, also by Dior is a must have at £600!

And for those music lovers with very deep pockets there is this Motley Crew T-Shirt for $450. Rock on!!!

So get up in your parents loft and start digging. You never know what gems you might find. Now do we think I should save my Topman knitwear from last Xmas?!

Phil xx