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Top 10 T.V. Villains

I’m not sure if you heard but a little show with Dragons just came to an end.

Yes, finally, it’s over. After 50 years and 45 seasons, Game Of Thrones left our screens with (spoiler alert) a lot of fire and some pretty mixed reviews.

As the show ended, so too did the lives of some of our best loved Villains. And that’s the point of a memorable T.V. villain. As a viewer you have to actually love them a little and then revel in their demise. I think Cersi was a little short changed compared to some of the deaths but she fought to the very end!

In honor of the terrible folk of the Seven Kingdoms. Here are my top 10 T.V. villains of all time!

10Villanelle – Killing Eve

Killing Eve was a huge hit last year and is just about to come back for season 2. Villanelle, with a name like that she was destined for all things terrible, was a wonderful villain. As the body count went up so did our love for her. Bring on Season 2!

9Paul Robinson – Neighbours

A regular from the start this wicked businessman was always up to no good. He really topped himself though when he burnt down the Lassiters complex and then killed the key witness. Great Villian work!

8Moriarty – Sherlock

Arguably one of the greatest literary Villains was brought to life on our screens in the brilliant Sherlock on BBC. Sadistic, unforgiving and over the top we fell in love all over again with this twisted Villain.

7Jeremy Jam – Parks and Recreation

I LOVE this show and Jeremy Jam brought just the right amount of douchebag, bufforn and all round nasty guy to rival the sweet and wonderful Leslie Knope. He was one of the great comedy villains.

6The Daleks – Dr Who

Their greatest Enemy? The Dr… and stairs. They did not do well with stairs. Evil, hell bent on destruction and in the 2000’s incarnation quite funny at times. Whilst they don’t make me hide behind the sofa their endurance and dogged pursuit of evil earns them this spot.

5Skeletor – He-Man

Talking of hiding behind the sofa, Skeletor used to TERRIFY me as a child. I mean he has a rocking bod but that face and that laugh was a child’s nightmare.

4Sylar – Heroes

Serial Killer? Check. Likes to steal brains? Check. Although he did make a U turn on his evil ways he still makes it into our top 10.

3Negan – Walking Dead

Wandering around with his beloved Lucille (a rather scary baseball bat) this guy didn’t really understand the concept of mercy or compromise. A fan fav and a great Villain

2Mr Burns – The Simpsons

An AMAZING creation. Older than time itself and evil as evil can be. Mr Burns has even come back from the dead. In your face Jon Snow!

1Joffrey Baratheon – Game of Thrones

Evil. Pure Evil. He didn’t have a good bone in his body. This meant that he didn’t last too long on the Throne and his death by poison was one of the most memorable moments in GOT history.

Have I missed your favourite top baddy? Let me know in the comments below!