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The Selfie. Has it become our own worst enemy?

Two performers at Carnival taking a selfie and kissing. The Model Cloud for Model Booking

My darling readers

Today I came across an article about red carpet selfies being banned at Cannes. This got me thinking about my own relationship with the selfie. I used to hate them. People stopping in the street more interested in how they look than the scenery around them, pouting with duck face and of course, the devil’s invention…the selfie stick.

But then, as camera phones got better,  I started to take the odd selfie. The light was really good coming from that window…quick snap to send to the boyfriend. Not seen this friend for ages and can’t be bothered to ask the waiter…quick snap. And soon my phone was full of neck craning looking off camera (“where do I look”) pictures.

It seems that what started as a vain way to take pictures has become THE way to take pictures. But is there an issue here a little deeper and a little worrying? In the age of communication and social interaction becoming more and more digital have we lost the need or confidence to talk to strangers?

Let me explain. In the past before the front facing camera, if you wanted to be in the shot then someone would have to take the photo for you. I used to love this. Looking at the passing strangers trying to judge who looked the most approachable and who looked like they might throw your camera into the nearest river. Then the small interaction, the smile between strangers and sometimes a lovely conversation.

That seems to have disappeared, people used to volunteer to take your photo if they saw you struggling, I know I did. The selfie has made us retreat even more into our safe place, afraid to approach the lovely people of the world. Yes there are some suspect characters out there but I truly believe that the vast majority of folks going about their daily lives would be more than happy to help out a stranger. We just need to give people the opportunity.

It’s been proven time and time again that doing good deeds can have a positive effect on your mental health and some people can go through a whole day without speaking to anyone. This small interaction could have such a positive effect.

So my task for you all is to reclaim that confidence in your fellow human being, ditch the selfie and get them to take that all important photo. Not only will you get more of you and surroundings in the image but you’ll get a nice little interaction with someone new and could be the reason they end their day with a smile. Just don’t ask that guy with the clown make up and the red balloon…he’s got a few issues.

Have a lovely week