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The 1p Charge to Combat Throwaway Fashion. Is it enough?

This week the government said it thinks that all clothing manufactures should be charged 1p per garment to combat “Throw Away Fashion”

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Is 1p Charge to Combat Throwaway Fashion enough?

Now I’m all for making huge corporations pay for the damage they are doing to our planet. I’ve talked before about the £2 T-Shirt and its sustainability and it’s good to see the powers that be tackling this. My issue is that in some way I’m sure this cost will eventually be passed on down to us and that we as consumers need to take on some of the responsibility.

The problem, as I see it, is once you have purchased an item of clothing for under a tenner you may not think twice about throwing it away. Now there are lots of clothing banks all over the country but, according to an article in the Huffington Post, an astonishing 253 Million items of clothing will end up in landfill sites each year. And that’s just from the U.K.

So what can we do. Well the most obvious thing is to buy less clothes! Easier said than done for some people. We shop sometimes through boredom or to give ourselves the little high that comes with a new shiney purchase. But taking a second to think not only if we need it but also the moral (who’s making your clothes) and ethical implications that come with it.

Another way we can change the way we consume fashion is by going to one of the, in London at least, wonderful second hand and vintage shops and fairs. An article in The Guardian this week featured a wonderful lady who has completely changed her buying habits by shopping only second hand. Indeed she is part of the team at her local Clothing Exchange that sorts through over 2,000 garments each month.

Whilst changing your complete buying habits and switching to second hand may not appeal, I think if we all just purchased a little less and a little more wisely it would make a huge difference. Do you really need that third pair of black jeans….?