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Share Your Profile. The New Feature on The Model Cloud

Hello lovely readers.

Today is an exciting day for us here at The Model Cloud as we release the latest feature for our models.

What is it I hear you ask? (or not as you have already read the title of this article). Well, if you are signed up and have completed your profile you can now share your profile with anyone you want. Now I know this may sound like a simple concept but we know it’s going to be so useful. Rather than being a long link with a loads of letters, numbers and characters it’s simply the site address followed by your name! For example https://themodel.cloud/firstname.secondname (this is not a real person and if it is they have very cruel parents).

You can add this to your Instagram page in the description or share it across all of your lovely social media platforms. It’s a great promotional tool and gives you an online C.V. What’s also good is that there is a sign up button on the page. This means companies and brands wishing to work with you can quickly sign up and get verified, helping The Model Cloud community grow.

It can be so difficult to get noticed in a saturated industry, this just gives you as a model another useful tool in your online kit! A good scenario would be at an event/fashion show and someone meets you and wants to see your modelling portfolio. Instead of just getting out a Z card or giving an Instagram name you can now just give out your personal model cloud link, even type it into someones phone browser.  Plus it’s easy to remember, unless you have trouble with your own name.

This is just one of the exciting new features we have been working on. So go forth and share share share or if you haven’t signed up then what are you waiting for?!

Have a great week people