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For the Love of Trainers

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For the Love Of Trainers


I’ve fallen in love. It came out of the blue and I’ve yet to tell my partner. I think he’ll understand and may well embrace this new love. The object of my affection I hear you ask. A Pair of Trainers. The Jordan Retro High OG trainer in burnt orange. It’s a thing of pure beauty.

Jordan Retro High OG trainer
Jordan Retro High OG trainer


Now I know nothing about basketball…or any sport now I come to think about it, but the influence it has on the way we dress is undeniable. From our shoes to our headgear, sport style is big business.


To give you an idea of the enormity of the situation, dramatic but I’m going with it, according to Sports industry analyst Matt Powell, Nike sells 25 pairs of shoes….A SECOND!!!!!! And to put that into monetary terms this is about $100 million per day.


Now I’m not quite sure the figures add up as apparently McDonalds sells 75 hamburgers a second (someone else do the maths to make a comparison, I’m tired). But whatever the amount of shoes it shifts we know its a lot. Nike’s sales revenue in 2016 was $32.46 Billion.


So back to my new love. Aesthetically beautiful, comfy (actually I don’t care as much about that) and a perfect match with grey trackies or even a suit, they are not cheap. Now as I typed that I wondered how much some of the super expensive trainers by Nike were….I was not prepared.


Nike’s Air Force One Supreme Max come in at $50,000.

 Air Force One Supreme Max
Air Force One Supreme Max

I checked Ebay…none on there. This is obviously a ridiculous amount of money.

Or so I thought. Let’s delve deeper into the world of bespoke luxury trainers. My lovely readers, I give you (it’s a theatrical term and NOT to be taken literally) a pair of trainers sold on Ebay for $17 MILLION DOLLARS. The Air Yeezy 2


So the little known rapper Kanye West was promoting his upcoming track and he wanted to look the part whilst on the road in California. We’ve all been there. As I plan my weekly shop in Asda I’ve got several of the big designers beavering away on a pair of comfy slip on’s. Nike developed the Air Yeezy 2 (Red October) and released 2000 pairs. They sold out in less than a month. Then someone, obviously preferring to buy food and pay rent instead, put a pair on eBay and that jaw dropping bid was placed.

Air Yeezy 2 (Red October)
Air Yeezy 2 (Red October)


I’ll let you know if I bite the bullet and buy a pair of the orange wonder shoes or if I choose to pay my council tax but for now I’m off to see if my old Topman sandals have retained their value…apparently Olly Murs used to wear a similar style.