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Clothing Hit List. The People Have Spoken


We all have those moments, we see someone walking towards us and all seems well in the world until you spot that they are wearing the one thing you hate most in the world.

They could be the loveliest person on the planet but that fades into insignificance. They are wearing dungarees. Well that’s my pet hate. I’m also not a fan of a tucked in T-Shirt, sleeveless shirts, pointless zips, jeans that show off a mans posterior, the colour lime green….ok so my list is quite long.

But now thanks to the good old BBC we can see what the rest of the nation hate . (I promise next weeks blog will be full of sunshine and light). Some of the entries are not at all surprising, Leather trousers, crocs and sweater vests (not worn together. That would be a whole other level of wrong), but having Red Trousers at number 7!!! That’s uncalled for. Anyway take a look and see if any items from your wardrobe have make it onto the list!

Model Wearing Sweater Vest
Sweater Vest

Number 10: The Sweater Vest. And yes…its vile.  Either wear a shirt or a jumper, or a shirt under a jumper. This angers me nearly as much as those sleeveless jacket things with the french name. Why would you want a warm body but cold arms? NEXT!

Model wearing V Neck T-Shirt
Deep V Neck T-Shirt

Number 9: Deep V Neck T-Shirt. Now this was fine from 1999 to 2004 but it needs to go away. I don’t care how big your pecks are (I do) there is no need for a plunging neckline (unless you are that guy who’s playing Superman at the moment..he can do no wrong).

A Pair of Uggs

Number 8: Uggs. From the first moment I saw someone wearing these I have had a deep almost obsessive hatred for them. They are big slippers with a thick sole. There is no support in the ankle and people look ridiculous walking in them. No No No.

Model Wearing red trousers
Red Trousers

Number 7: Red Trousers. Now I know some people hate these but I’m not that offended by them. They have almost become the uniform of the rich middle class 50 something but you know what, if he wants to splash a bit of colour then go ahead!

The Tracksuit

Number 6: The Tracksuit. If you’ve read any of my articles before you’ll know that in my opinion Rhiannon can do no wrong fashion wise. Even here she looks great but I have to agree that the tracksuit, unless done very well, is fairly hideous and should be sent back to whatever decade wants to be held responsible.

Clothes with Elbow Patches
Clothes with Elbow Patches

Number 5: Clothes with Elbow Patches. Why oh why oh why?!?! If you wear a shirt so long that you manage to go through the elbow just get a new shirt! Don’t ruin the look of a perfectly nice shirt by putting some kind of brown oval patch on it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. No no no!


Number 4: Flares. I’m on the fence with this one. They can look great but 80% of the time they just look a little tragic. I remember when they came back in the 90’s and I was all for it, luckily there were no camera phones then. But now you really have to match the rest of the outfit accordingly or you end up looking like an extra from That 70’s show (never seen it)


Number 3. Crocs. Nooooooooope

Sara Michelle Geller in Leather Trousers
Leather Trousers

Number 2. Leather Trousers. Not only, my Leather Trouser wearing friend, did some poor cow have to die in order for you to wear these but you make us all suffer by wearing them out in public! Hot, sweaty and from another time. Please go away Leather Trousers.

Model wearing Speedos

And finally Number 1: Speedos. I think the main reason people hate these so much is that we all like to leave a little something for the imagination and a guy wearing these…is not.


There ends our top 10. I think you’ll agree that the majority of these should either be sent back in time or recycled into something less offensive. If you have any of these items don’t panic. Just wait till it gets dark and do what you have to do.

Till next time!

Phil xx