Six years ago, Martin decided to leave his beautiful home country Bulgaria, to make his next career move and relocate to London. Over the past few years, he has built up an incredible body of work and there is so much more to this handsome chap than meets the eye! Martin is a professional swimmer and holds a PhD in Energy Management and Distribution. One thing’s for sure, Martin definitely knows how to add electricity to a photoshoot!

Photo by Gabriel Mokake

So Martin, how did you start your career as model and actor?
I always wanted to be an actor and model and have been doing it since I can remember. I have always love acting and I did a play when I was only seven years old, and eighteen years later I finally decided to give professional acting a shot! As for my modeling, I don’t have a wild story of how I got discovered. I simply sent an email with some photos to an agency and they signed me!

What has been your favourite photoshoot so far?
My favourite shoot was a photo shoot I did in Ibiza. We planned the photoshoot at a time when one of the beaches was closed. It was great because I could swim all by myself because there was no one around! We managed to take the perfect image because of it. The overall experience was really nice as the weather was warm and I got to work with a great team. I really enjoyed it.

Do you have an idol? If yes, why this person? 
The closest thing I have to an idol is probably Matt Damon. We seem to have very similar personalities. Next to that, he managed to achieve everything I dream of as an actor. I absolutely love his work in Good Will Hunting! It is fascinating how he approaches life and it really reflects in his acting.

Photo by Julian Kostov

How do you use social media and has it been helpful in your modeling career? 
Social media helps a lot with my career as a model and actor. I think it’s a necessary thing for everyone in the creative industry these days. To be honest, I don’t use it as much as I should. Perhaps now is the time to start!

What do you do when you’re not modeling? Any special hobbies, passions or untapped talents?
I do acting as mentioned above and sports, and traveling as much as I can. I have a background in professional swimming and I have been on the national team of Bulgaria for a few years. In total I won 120 medals, of which 30 were gold medals. I was named sportsman of the year for my university in the years of 2008, 2009 and 2012.
I love to travel and try to do this as much as I can. I would love to travel to Asia and explore it a bit more. I have been to Sri Lanka and enjoyed it so much that I would definately want to visit it again.

Isolation has given us a lot of free time. What have you been filling your days with during the confinement? 
Binge-watching Netflix, reading and just started learning Russian as I need it for my work as actor. I am cast as Russian a lot!

Photo by Mattia Holm

What is your life motto, and how do you apply it during these trying times? 
“Live like today is the last day of your life.” Every day, I try to do at least one thing that will move me forward to my goals.

What are your dreams for the future? 
I’m pretty happy with what I’m doing now. If I can continue working as an actor and if I can keep doing cool modeling jobs, I’m good!

Any advice or a quote that inspires you, that you would like to share with fellow models and readers? 
There are a lot of great quotes out there, but the one that recently resonates the most with me is a quote by Gandhi, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

Photo by Jennie Scott

From modeling to acting, from sports to languages. Martin really shows the importance of staying ever developing, curious and active to shape a well grounded creative career.
Martin is a great example of how all of these skills are connected and it is key to develop all of them if you want be succesful as an international model or actor.
Ask yourself, what skills can I learn that would put me in a better position in the industry? What is my casting type and what skills would go well with that?
Whether you are and actor or a model, realising that you are your own product and that your body is your instrument, will help you discover what makes you unique and increase the chance you will book a job.

You can find more of Martin’s work on his profile down below!