With a beautiful name comes an even more beautiful person. Shaun Daniel Carl Flowers is not only a very talented model, he also has a passion for acting and reading. However, being multi-talented and well-read isn’t the most interesting part about this dashing, young man. Shaun is an advocate of a more diverse and race positive society, with hopes to one day become a political-cultural reporter on issues in the black community.
This keen interest led him to do a masters in race media and social justice and is now finishing his journalism qualification. Shaun also mentioned that he used to be into gardening, so perhaps he has successfully grown some beautiful crops during this isolation period! One thing is for sure –  Shaun is definitely growing a very interesting and inspirational future career!

Photo by Lauren Marsh photography for 7HUES Magazine

Tell us Shaun, next to all the interesting things you do, how did you end up becoming a model?
At 17, I was scouted by a photographer I decided to give it a go. Then after I went onto modelling websites for freelance models and started to do more test shoots with photographers to build my portfolio from there!

Where are your roots and does this affect your work as a model?
I am from the small island of Trinidad and Tobago, we have one of the seven wonders of the world, the pitch lake. I am from the small island of Trinidad and Tobago, we have one of the seven wonders of the world, the pitch lake. Our history is mixed with Spanish and Indian, predominantly because of slavery and colonization. On a more positive note, we are the home of carnival! Both my parents are from Trinidad and Tobago. My grandmother is Trinidadian and Venezuelan, my grandad is Trinidadian and Indian, so I turned out to be a quite interesting mix!

Photo by Claire Mcintyre

From all the shoots you have done so far, which has been your favourite?
My favourite shoot was for a music artist called Roses Gabor. I was asked if I wanted to play as if I was going crazy. I got so much into character it made me realize why I miss acting so much. Another one of my favourite shoots was with Lauren Marsh photography, which we submitted as an editorial to 7HUES magazine. Back then I had short hair and I looked so handsome! I have to admit, I loved it!

Do you have an idol? If yes; why this person?
Truthfully, I am my own idol. I have worked so hard to get to where I am, and I am constantly learning and growing. I had to become my own idol before anyone else could be mine.

How do you use social media and has it been helpful in your modelling career?
I have used social media so much to network, meet brands, models and photographers. Networking via social media has allowed to get into places I would not have otherwise been able to. I often used social media to network, meet brands, models and photographers. Networking via social media has allowed to get into places I would not have otherwise been able to. Having a strong presence on Social Media is important for sure, but I try to find a balance with the amount of time I spend on it, as it can be incredibly addictive and people forget it is a highlight reel.

Photo by Ruta Jane

What do you think of the current state of fashion and the industry around it?
The fashion industry is changing massively and diversity has become the new trend. I am happy to see a greater variety of faces, bodies and types of models used in brand campaigns and magazines. Diversity reflects the real world because the world is a mixed bag and it is good to see fashion is slowly but surely catching up.

What do you do when you’re not modelling? Any special hobbies, passions or untapped talents?
I am also a journalist for the TCS network, SW Londoner and a few music magazines. I am trying to be more than a model as it is important to diversify your craft and conquer all avenues. Currently I’m considering to study for another undergraduate as I love writing essays. The idea of learning for me is one that never grows old.

Shaun on the catwalk at Kingston graduate show

Isolation has given us a lot of free time. What have you been filling your days with during the confinement?
I have been writing a lot of articles. Next to that I focus on reading and exercising. In my dreams, I am a chef in my own 5-star restaurants so in waking life I am trying to cook more! This is a great time to work on my skills, so I decided to enrol in free university courses which I can do online. It is so important to use the time productively, rather than dwelling. I have lost my aunty to corona, but she did not die for me to mentally give up, that is my mentality.

What is your life motto, and how do you apply it during these trying times? 
My life motto is; to leave the world in a better place than I found it. I am trying to work on me as a person. For example, I incorporate Jordan Peterson’s motto in my life to clean my room. It is so simple but powerful, I can not change the world unless I change myself. This doesn’t mean that I am unable to impact the world until I am perfect, but it is important to check yourself before you check others. What am I projecting? I am using the time to also reach out to those loved ones?

Photo by Michael Aji

What are your dreams for the future?
My dream is to be a professor or maybe a doctor in sociology. Or maybe a model who travels the world!

Any advice or quote that inspires you, that you would like to share with fellow models and readers?
Leave the world in a better place than you found it and never give up on your dreams. Remember that if someone does not agree with you about your dream it does not make them a hater. It is important not to expecting others to believe in your dreams, they are your dreams to believe in.

Photo by Felix Shumack

Shaun has proven incredible strength in his career and during the corona pandemic. He is a magnificent example of the fact that truly believing in yourself and fighting for your dreams can make you an inspiration and eventually an idol for others.
Believe in your self, believe in your dreams and let no one tell you that you can’t accomplish something.

Shaun surely is a mover and shaker, and we at The Model Cloud believe he is set out to accomplish astonishing things. Want to find out more of what Shaun is all about? Make sure to check out his fascinating TEDx talk about how multiculturalism fails our local communities.

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