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Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Greetings you gorgeous lot.  I hope life has been treating you well this week. The feeling has just returned to my hands after coming back from the gym, this is due to the cold not the amount of exercise I did (I hardly broke into a sweat), so I thought I should fill you in on one of the things we are working on.

It’s all been about our landing page for me. We want to make a short video that explains the concept behind The Model Cloud. I’ve taken it upon myself to be scriptwriter, director and casting director. I feel this may be my new calling so if you don’t hear from me next week it’s because I’ve been snapped up by one of the big studios. I won’t forget you all though, I promise…

So why a video? Well in the age of the short attention span, we felt that the best way to pull people in and explain the site was through moving pictures! Also we are going to do some live streaming whilst at the studio so if you have time on 9th March and want to see the beginnings of next years Oscar smash then follow us on instagram @themodelcloud

We have a great model/actress who we will be working with and are using a wonderfully talented videographer. Also the studio we have hired is rather fabulous. I may buy myself one of those director chairs and clapper board…too much?  

If this goes well and we get the result we wanted (and I get awards) then we may do further videos throughout the site to make everything as clear as possible. We did look into animations but I can only really draw stick men and when I colour in I never stay in the lines, I’m just a wild creative soul I guess.

But it’s not all been hollywood glamour there’s been the glamour of Birmingham (not a phrase said much I imagine) and the Moda trade show.  Now this was last Monday but I was so busy updating you and introducing myself I forgot to mention it.

So it’s a trade show for brands to meet potential buyers who may want to stock their ranges and a chance for people to network.  Some of you may have done shows there.  Having never been to the NEC before I wasn’t quite prepared for the epic walk from the station to the hall. I had to stop once for a coffee (and cake but that’s a side note).

It was so interesting chatting so some of the brands. Initially sceptical, I can look shifty sometimes, they loved the idea of The Model Cloud. I think the idea of not having to go through an agent but still having the support in the background was really appealing to them.  Being quite new to The Model Cloud myself, the trade shows have been a chance for me to see reactions from people in the industry and I can honestly say every person I’ve spoken to sees the benefits.

Of course there have been techy type things going on in the basement, I let them have 10 mins of daylight, any more than that and I fear they will go blind, but I won’t bore you with that. All you need to know is that they are making huge advances.  Not only on the site but in their general hygiene. It’s amazing what a shower once a week can do!

‘til next week!