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Filming, Facebook and Frolics


Well my lovely readers have I got a tale for you! To be honest it’s not a tale but that seemed like a nice way to start the blog.

On Friday we went to a lovely studio in South London and filmed the video for the landing page of the site. Now I don’t want to blow my own trumpet, I don’t have one so that would be difficult anyway, but it went really well. Our lovely model/presenter was on top form and the videographer was a delight.

The Team

I’ve worked with Annabelle our, model, before but had never met Matt, the videographer. It’s always a worry when you work with someone you have never met, they could be a serial killer or worse really dull. Luckily Matt was a delight and steered us in the right direction throughout the day. Not sure what he thought of me but I’m assuming there are no words to describe his feelings.

Facebook Live!

We also tried doing Facebook live. I think we were very entertaining but you’ll have to judge for yourself. The videos should be on the Facebook page and on our Youtube channel.  I think they may also be released at several of the big film festivals….I’ll keep you updated.

Ontop of all of that we tried out some Youtube style interviews. I’ve yet to see the results but I think it’s safe to say that Graham Norton is probably getting slightly worried right about now.

Those Pesky Tech Guys

Apart from the filming I’ve been informed that the tech guys in the basement tried to stage a mutiny but luckily all we had to do was cut off the wifi for half an hour and threaten them with a dial up modem. They are now back chained to their desks, for their own safety you understand, and happy coding away.

So what have you been up to? It can’t all be about me…well  80%

Love, laughter and joy to you all