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10 Incredible Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following For A Daily Dose Of Motivation in 2020

Through this period of lockdown, I’ve been guilty of being on my phone WAY too much. I use my phone pretty regularly during normal pre COVID life, but through this anxiety-inducing time of forgetting what day of the week we’re on, or overthinking how the world is drastically changing, I’ve been distracting myself the only way I know how to – on Instagram. More often than not, I can spend hours mindlessly scrolling through accounts that do nothing but increase the self doubt I have about myself and trigger old insecurities.

It’s a well known fact that social media can be detrimental to our mental health, as it can be difficult not to compare ourselves to the “perfect” life on flawless, highlight reels of certain people. Sometimes it can be easy to forget if indeed there are ANY positives to the social media platform, with many Instagram influencers being snapped exploiting serious situations for a full blown content opportunity. After the death of George Floyd, account owner George Resch (a.k.a Tank Sinatra) shared videos of influencers posing for pictures outside buildings destroyed by the rioting. One in particular – a now deleted video – was of an influencer holding up a placard stating #BLM, in the path of a walking protest, before simply walking away. It makes you question if that is all Instagram represents – a place of pretence and a need for others to approve. I’m delighted to say that this is not always the case. Whilst accounts exist that can make you question yourselves or the actions of others, Instagram is also a wonderful space for OTHER accounts to encourage personal growth and success. With every Instagrammer whose perfect posts are curated simply for the likes, are other incredible people, eager to transfer their creativity and their positive vibes to the world and their audience. These are people you can really connect with, find relatable and who can give you that daily lift you might need during this unpredictable time.

We’ve collected 10 of the most fitting, insightful and empowering Instagram accounts that you REALLY need to be following to make your day just that bit brighter. Here at Model Cloud, we want to make sure the feed you’re viewing is positive and inspiring to you in the times where your mind can wander.  From travel to cooking, from male to female motivational speakers whose accounts focus less on their personal likes and more on why YOU should like everything about yourself, we can’t wait for you to see what who we have lined up. When you need a reminder that you’re awesome, feel stuck vacation-less or simply want to lose yourself in the magic of cooking, have a look at these 10 uplifting Instagram accounts that will encourage you to take their words and do something constructive with them.

1For thought-provoking: @thegoodquote

If you’re ever feeling a little low, this account knows how to immediately lift you up. Sharing a wonderful assortment of motivational quotes and short videos on self development, this is a one stop “social media” shop to help you gain perspective on what’s important for your well-being.

2For home inspiration: @at_home_at_170

This is a wonderful account by Amy, mother of two little boys, whose feed inspires you to make little and colourful changes in your house, based on her own “at home” creativity. She writes about family life, and details tips and tricks to make your home comfortable and tidy.

3For travel inspiration: @travelawesome

Now’s a good time to start preparing your 2021 bucket list and whilst @NatGeo and @CondéNast also share beautiful photos of scenic destinations, we love that @travelawesome promotes a variety of professional and personal photos sent in from the public. This in turn places less focus on the “perfect” photo edit and more emphasis on the travel destination. 

4For cooking inspiration: @halfbakedharvest

There’s a wealth of fantastic, foodie accounts to follow on Instagram which will fill your feed with an assortment of colourful and delicious recipes. A particular favourite is @halfbakedharvest who uploads detailed recipes that are quick, easy and full of flavour, ranging from main meals to delicious desserts. If you have allergies or intolerances, @cookieandkate is another account which promotes vegetarian dishes with substitutes for those with food intolerances. Her feed is another that will make you drool!

5For loving yourself more: @rainbowsalt

Bianca Sparacino A.K.A @rainbowsalt is a creative director at the @thoughtcatalog, which is an online platform to share your stories and ideas on romance, self improvement and love. @rainbowsalt is her personal account, delivering daily insights on similar topics, positive affirmations and poetry that you didn’t know you needed to hear.

6For raw mental health content: @matthaig

The author of many books including “Reasons to Stay Alive” and “Notes on a Nervous Planet”, Matt Haig speaks openly and incredibly honestly about his struggles with Depression and Anxiety, quoting various extracts of his books (which if you haven’t read, you should immediately). He reminds you consistently how okay it is to NOT be okay whether in normal or uncertain times.

7For male empowerment: @bopo.boy

With the body positivity movement largely centred and popularised by females, @bopo.boy is smashing barriers detailing his own struggles with self love and his experiences getting to where he is today. He speaks about sexuality, body shame and his journey to self acceptance. A proud supporter of LGBTQIA, it’s so refreshing to see a male account that is unfiltered in content, in filters and in truth. 

8For female empowerment: @alexlight_ldn

She describes herself as the “account you never knew you needed” and boy has she got it right. Alex previously suffered from an eating disorder, and her account is intent on reminding you not to judge yourself by the content you see on social media. She explains how she has slowly found peace with her body and sends daily reminders on the importance of self love. It’s great to have someone shine light onto disordered eating, speak openly to her audience about rational vs irrational thinking and remind us that angles portray people in different lights.

9For positive psychology: @georgiethenaturopath

Georgie is a bachelor-degree qualified gut health expert, nutritionist and anxiety mindset coach. She regularly shares information on her latest research exploring mental health and anxiety, positive inspiration and a wealth of motivational messages that prepares you for the week ahead.

10For remembering the world is not all bad: @tanksgoodnews

The news on TV is geared to mainly inform you about the terrible atrocities going on. I don’t know about you, but too much of it really impacts on my mood and scares me. It’s really important to balance this intake of news with a reminder that the world is not a terrifying place – because it can be easy to forget. This site is perfect for positive news and reminding you that even during a pandemic, good things are still occurring.

Which empowering Instagram accounts do YOU recommend? Let us know in the comments below!