spiderman far from home

I’m a huge Marvel fan. When I say a Marvel fan, I’m talking about the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and not so much the comics. I used to read comics as a kid, but being from the UK Marvel and DC comics were quite a rare thing, especially as a child growing up on the south Kent coast. The comic books I grew up reading were more like the Dandy and the Beano – especially the Christmas hardback coversā€¦ used to love those, anyway, I digress.

As I was saying, I’m a huge MCU fan and having 3 movies released in 2019 was a big thing for movie goers and MCU fans alike. The last of those films was SpiderMan: Far From Home, which was released last week. I went to see it last night and although the majority of reviews that you can read on the web ( šŸ˜‰ ) right now are quite negative towards the film I thought it was a very good follow up to End Game (any MCU film released post-End Game is always going to be in its shadow) and goes to show that Tom Holland is the perfect actor to play Peter Parker.

Not wanting to give anything away, the film has alot of references to Tony Stark and part of the grieving process Peter and Happy are going through is highlighted in the film. Not a great deal, but you can feel it in certain scenes.

Jake Gyllenhal plays a perfect character in Mysterio in the movie (remember no spoilersā€¦), along with Samuel L Jackson reprising his role as Nick Fury.

There’s a lot of funny moments in the movie and some great action scenes. But this is pretty much the theme with every MCU movie.

This is the 23rd movie in the Infinity Saga, bringing to a close phase 3 of the movies. Kevin Feige has also recently said they won’t be talking about Phase 4 plans until SpiderMan has been released, so I guess it’s anytime soon! Watch this space.

Would I see again, yes.

Would I go to the cinema to see again? No I don’t think so, I’d wait for it to be on TV.

There’s a mid-credits scene and an end credits scene, which you definitely don’t want to missā€¦