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Working on The NHS Frontline

We thank the NHS every day for their hard work and dedication. Saving lives, risking their own lives and protecting the UK daily from this horrific global pandemic. We stay home in order to allow them to do their jobs more efficiently and to try and help reduce the stress upon the NHS.

So, what is it really like to work on the NHS frontline during this time and how does this impact your personal life and wellbeing?

Introducing Pete Morris

Let us take a moment to introduce Pete Morris: Ex Postman turned NHS frontline worker in primary care! In addition to this, Pete is also an aspiring model and part of The Model Cloud Race Team. We managed to grab a few minutes with Pete, to ask what it’s like to be a part of the NHS during a pandemic and how it feels to be doing such great work for the nation:

1. How long have you been in TMC Race Team for and how did your love for cycling begin?

I have been in the team for 7 years, I always used my bike to get around. Someone at my old work suggested I should ride a race as I was pretty fast, so that’s how I ended up joining The Model Cloud Race Team!

2. How/Why did you become part of the NHS frontline?

I was bored of being a Postman, but I really liked being able to help people so got back into education and went back to University. Over time, I qualified as a Paramedic. Now, I work in primary care, doing home visits to help people cope with their issues.

3. How have you coped mentally and physically with being part of the NHS during this time?

Like most people, I have found this time difficult. I am missing my youngest children as we are apart due to my job, and hence staying separated. I have been training hard to keep healthy but even that is difficult when there is nothing to target…but somehow I am managing to get through!

4. Do you have any messages of positivity for our community?

Just to try your best to carry on as normal as possible, there will be a time when we come out of this.

5. What inspires you each morning?

Working hard on my career as I enjoy caring for and helping people. I am just taking an extra job in accident and emergency.

6. What are you looking forward to in the future?

Holidays, seeing family and friends and getting back to racing!

We wish Pete all the best with working on the NHS frontline and thank him and his team for everything they are doing for us as a nation. We love to hear these inspiring stories, if you know anyone who currently works in the NHS – we would love to hear from them!