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What’s in? Tech-savvy models.

Image from Flickr

There used to be a time when models didn’t have to worry so much about their education, but when you look at the success of model Anina Net, who has developed intel curie powered shape-shifting dresses, it’s clear that the industry is changing. Using 3D printing technology, Net has re-imagined the clothes we would normally see on the runway.

As always, China seems to be leading the way in the technological revolution, and this time it’s meeting the fashion industry head-on. Net, commenting on China, said ‘there are 1.3 billion people, they all have cell phones, they know what blogs are, and they have avatars of themselves and they download clothes to them.’ Despite the reservations of her family and some members of the industry, Net’s success speaks volumes about the way technology is changing the fashion and modelling industry.

Gisele Bündchen’s success

The world’s best-paid model, Gisele Bündchen, owns her own global underwear franchise – a job that requires a deep understanding of the new ways to market products online. Her success relies on her understanding of the evolution of the industry into the online world. She knows how to market herself and her brand.

How can you be a tech-savvy model?

Having a tech-savvy head on your shoulders has not just become a preference, but a necessity. With more opportunities to be discovered (and, as a result, more hopeful models), there is a need for smarts as well as beauty. Whether it’s the trend of Instagram-modelling or the number of followers you have on twitter, your presence online will directly affect the amount of work you get in ways previously unseen.

With agencies who take 20% of modelling fees and then another 20% from clients, making money in this industry can feel like a bit of a nightmare. The Model Cloud is a new online service that has been designed to counteract this problem. We connect professional models with genuine clients who have been vetted and verified. It’s truly a unique service that is perfect for turning you into a tech-savvy model.