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The Model Cloud – Supporting local sport and Positive Mental Health

The Model Cloud is proud to be supporting the Team TMC riders for 2020.

Having picked up where Team ASL left off, we then teamed up with local businesses; Lewis & Co Planning, Woodhart Group, Upgrade Bikes (encompassing multiple brands), Reflex Nutrition & importantly, The CALMzone, as a team we are well placed to compete on a strong footing both locally and Nationally.

Well the season started really well, a great kit launch, lush kit, podiums coming along and a seriously strong team…..the came the Coronavirus!

So what did we do, we realised we can still ride indoors, keeping fit and strong, but most of all, keeping our minds busy.

Our riders are all practising ‘Social Distancing’ and following Government guidelines, but, we are all still using all the tools in our box to stay in touch, train together and keep positive during these unusual times.

Thus far, we are finding WhatsApp, Rouvy (a online racing/training application) and Old fashioned phone calls all help to lift our mood and keep us focused.

Setting each other challenges, a good example is our ‘PLANK’ challenge, this gives you focus and something to keep working towards.

We would recommend that everyone continues to keep fit and stay in touch, use tools out there, Hangouts, Zoom, Skype etc etc, be social, have fun and look after each other!

Soon, we will be back out and about training, racing, working and having fun, but I am sure we will, like everyone, never take our freedom quite so lightly again!

Stay safe everyone, see you on the road!