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Our 5 FAVOURITE Vegan & Cruelty-Free Makeup Products

There’s been a popularity surge for makeup products that don’t involve animal testing. These makeup products are still fantastic in quality and you can be safe in the knowledge that no harm has come to a living creature to achieve your dream look.

Here we list our five FAVOURITE alternative, vegan and cruelty-free makeup products that need to make their way into your makeup bag this summer.

Charlotte Tilbury

A favourite amongst makeup artists, you’ll be happy to know Charlotte Tilbury has released a vegan range – and it’s huge. From makeup brushes, to lipsticks, mascaras, skincare products and foundations, the quality of the makeup is so great, you’ll forget that these are even vegan products. Check them out here

Lime Crime

Created in 2008, Lime Crime are probably best known for their game changing Liquid lipsticks, which really gained the brand a ton of exposure. Jump forward to 2020, the makeup company showcases amazing eyeshadow palettes with incredible pigmentation. 100% cruelty-free and vegan, Lime Crime is changing the world of makeup as we know it. Check them out here

Milk Makeup

In 2019, this New York based company started distributing their 100% cruelty AND paraben-free makeup in the UK. Providing products for an extensive range of skin tones, items are 100% vegan and don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients or by-products, using instead natural oils and vegetable butters. Their stock varies from bath and skin care products to makeup and beauty. Check them out here

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Taking the makeup world by storm next is Jeffree Star, the former beauty blogger whose makeup line is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Not only is the makeup quality fantastic, but the packaging is always really unique and made to a great standard. His brightly coloured eyeshadow and blush palettes scream are so long lasting, you don’t need to worry about reapplying. Check them out here

E.l.f Cosmetics 

If you’re not looking for a high price tag, but still want to ensure your makeup is 100% cruelty-free and vegan, E.l.f Cosmetics is the perfect option. You can find the brand at most stores like Boots and Superdrug, and the quality of makeup is still astounding. Even their nail varnishes are vegan – check them out here

What are your favourite vegan and cruelty-free makeup products? Let us know!