Her last name already gives away part of her roots: this beautiful young woman is half Scottish and half Lebanese (arab). Lana has lived in the bustling city of London for ten years, given her all sort of creative opportunities, which she happily submerges herself in. Lana is literally a jack of all trades, creative traits that is! She is a graduate from Central Saint Martins prestigious Drama Centre in London and became a very talented young film director. But studying at Drama Centre gave her more than a degree in film and drama. This is where she was discovered as a model, by her schoolmates from the fashion department! But, there is a lot more to this mixed race creative super talent…

Photo from Lana’s Instagram with her dog Spider

Tell us Lana, how you got into modeling? 
I got into modelling when I was a student at Drama Centre, in CSM. All the fashion students used to ask me to model for them and eventually my hairdresser booked me on my first job for Toni&Guy’s lookbook.

Your roots are Scottish and Lebanese, and does this affect your work as a model? 
My roots do affect my work as a model. I have a lot of life experience growing up in the Middle East but I unfortunately don’t look very Middle Eastern so I’m not able to represent Arabic women as much as I’d like to.

Photoshoot for positive sex brand KANDID

What was your favourite photoshoot? 
It’s hard to choose a favourite photoshoot because so many of them have been inspiring and challenging. But the one that stands out the most is a campaign I did for a sex positive brand called Kandid. It was a very colourful and energetic shoot with a message I strongly believe in. 

Do you have an idol? If yes, why this person? 
I have a few idols ranging in all the different creative things that I do, but for modelling and fashion it would have to be Tyra Banks. I just love how entrepreneurial she is. She changed the game for a lot of women of colour. She was also one of my role models when I was a little girl.

Photo by Danny Gaska

How do you use social media and has it been helpful in your modeling career? 
Social media has been immensely helpful for my career. It’s what everyone in the industry turns to these days. Instagram is a place to showcase your work and get noticed. Without social media, I think a lot of models these days would just have work being seen by a select few people, so it’s wonderful to be able to share shoots with family, friends and followers while also getting noticed by industry professionals.

What do you think of the current state of fashion and the industry around it? 
There are two sides to the current state of fashion. The good side is that here in the United Kingdom, brands are being more and more inclusive and diversity friendly. You don’t have to be a size 0 anymore. All you need to do is to be healthy and take care of yourself. The bad side is that models are the last people to get paid when having done a job. We are often mistreated by agencies and way too much money is taken from the models. Unfortunately a lot of models don’t care about this and just want to book jobs, so we haven’t unionised as of yet. I do hope that maybe one day in the future we will.

Photo by Nadia Correia / Designer Nicole Hinc

What do you do when you’re not modeling? Any special hobbies, passions or untapped talents? 
I’m a trained filmmaker/director and a songwriter. So when I’m not modelling, I’m working on small films projects, editing projects and my EP which is due to be released later this year. I also love yoga, cooking, baking, reading, writing and I’ve recently started working on learning how to animate my drawings!

Isolation has given us a lot of free time. What have you been filling your days with during the confinement? 
My days in confinement have been quite busy actually! I shaved my head at the start of all this so I’ve had to retake my Polaroid’s and put out content with my new look. I’m lucky enough to work from home with my part time job. But being in confinement has given me more time to be an advocate for bipolar, which I suffer from and to work on plans to raise money and awareness for this cause. I’ve also been spending a lot of time with my dog, Spider, who is just over the moon with how much time he gets to spend with me these days!

Photo by Richard Miles for Marc Antoni Hair

What is your life motto, and how do you apply it during these trying times? 
My motto is to try and live in the moment. That’s essentially all we have as the past has already happened and the future is not known. Whether that always works is another thing. These are tough times but because of my upbringing in the politically unstable city of Beirut, I feel like I’ve been trained for this already. When you struggle with bipolar you learn over the years how important it is to be kind to yourself and others around you.

What are your dreams for the future? 
I’d love to be able to travel more with my modelling and creative work. I’ve always dreamed of being able to do this as a way to meet and connect with different people, whether this is through my music, modelling or other creative work I don’t know yet.

Any advice or a quote that inspires you, that you would like to share with fellow models and readers? 
I’m not majorly into quotes but this one has always resonated with me: “You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.” I’m not sure who said it but I think it’s a great reminder about not looking at what everyone else has or is doing, and questioning why you aren’t there. Instead remembering that there is a reason that you are where you are and it’s part of whatever journey you need to go on.

Photo by Laura Southall/Mua Tatiana Dorogaia

Lana is a key example of how important it is as a model, to not solely focus on being a model and to stay busy with anything that inspires you and fuels your life in a positive way. Modeling can be very taxing on your emotional and mental wellbeing as not everything in this career path is in your control. Thank you Lana, for sharing your inspirational and valuable advice with our readers at The Model Cloud magazine!

If you are curious to hear Lana’s amazing music, check out her song ‘’Titled’’ down below!

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