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Meet Georgina Hare

Meet Georgina – model, professional dancer, painter AND yoga instructor in training! A woman of many talents, she is inspired by female writers and artists and we love her determination to learn and grow.

We interview Georgina to learn more about her modelling experience and how she got into the industry:

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am a professional dancer, Yoga Instructor in training and also an abstract painter. You can find my art at @georginahare_art on Instagram.

How did you get into modelling?

It was an accident! I went to get some portfolio shots taken for dance work, and the photographer stopped me after the shoot and gave me a list of modelling agents to contact as she thought I could do well within the modelling industry. I am so grateful for that moment as it really helped shape the career I have had so far.

Where are your roots and how did this affect you as a model?

I’m from Devon, right by the ocean, which is a beautiful place to grow up, but in order to progress with my career I had to move to London at 17 to access the opportunities I was missing back home.

What was your favourite photoshoot?

It absolutely has to be the Agent Provocateur Campaign AW19. Working with Danielle Polanco was a total game changer. I also shot a number of book covers for Penguin Books which I also loved doing. The photographer was so chilled and the entire team was so friendly, it was a great set to work on.

Do you have an idol and if so why this person?

I don’t have one set idol, but I take inspiration from the writing of Pandora Sykes, Dolly Alderton and Florence Given. Their writing on feminism, modern life, careers and love have been such a tool of reassurance and personal development as a young woman carving out not only a career but also personal life.

How do you use social media and has it been helpful in your modelling career?

I use my social media pretty much 50/50 between work shots backstage/on set and painting commissions, and the other half for personal use and documenting countries I have travelled and the people I have met.

What do you do when you’re not modelling? Any special hobbies, passions or untapped talents?

I currently spend most of my time painting commissions, surfing (or trying at least!), and progressing with my yoga qualifications.

What is your life motto?

A recent quote I came across which really resonated with me, especially in the current times…“we think having a bad day is a reflection of our failure to harness something – rather than a bad day being a life staple, often to do with uncontrollable external conditions and not some inner failing” Pandora Sykes ‘How do we know we are doing it right?’

What are your dreams for the future?

They’re a secret!