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How to protect yourself as a model

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Modelling can be a very safe and fulfilling career, but it is important to consider the risks of modelling and take steps to protect yourself too. Risks can be both financial and health related. Here we explore these risks of modelling and how you can protect yourself against them.

Health risks

Every model will face some health risks when modelling because they will be asked to do exciting, weird and wonderful things for the shoot. Whether that is forcing your feet into shoes that are far too small or using shared makeup that risks cross-contamination, there are many risks which models will face. The key to managing these health risks is to be sensible and to know when to say no. Maintaining your health as a model doesn’t need to be hard, but you do need to ensure that you are able to look after yourself properly. Take steps to ensure you have enough food to eat and water to drink and make sure you are not left exposed to the elements for too long.

Financial risks

Whenever you model there is a financial risk because you will need to set time aside to attend the shoot and will have to turn down other work because of this. You may also need to invest in getting your hair trimmed and other preparations for the shoot so there will always be some form of financial investment. When you agree to a shoot you should always insist on a firm agreement and this is where systems such as the model cloud come into their own. Cloud based booking systems can offer you protection from cancelled bookings and can ensure that you know what you will be getting paid at the end of each shoot.

Work shortages

If you are relying on modelling to pay your bills then you need to ensure there is a steady stream of work. Using technology can help you to secure work and the model cloud can give you a platform from which to search for and secure work on good terms. Embracing technology is key as a model so that you can get the best from your career.