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How to get sponsored by a clothing line

Image from Flickr

The rise of influencers on Instagram means clothing companies have a new way to promote their brands; through sponsorship.

Getting a clothing sponsorship can be positive for you in a number of ways; it gets your face recognised as a model and connected to a brand. It can bring in an income. If you align yourself to a brand you like, you’ll probably get free clothes too!

So how do you get sponsored in the first place?

Build your following

Online brand influencers have thousands and thousands of followers. That’s what’s in it for the companies – through you they get access to a ready made audience who follow you and hang on your every word (hopefully).

So start by building a large, engaged audience. Instagram and blogging are the two biggest outlets for this – so post pictures constantly, and engage with other similar posters. You can also use paid posts on Instagram to get your images out to a wider audience.

A good way to do this is through outfit postings, portfolio shoots, and featuring photos of people you admire who are also influencers.

Do your homework

Make sure your profile is the type that your preferred sponsorship will go for. If you want sponsorship from an urban brand, you need to be selling the urban lifestyle through your images.

Look at their website and what messages they put out and make sure your images and messages have a similar feel. Don’t forget they’re looking for influencers. Get ahead of the game by putting together original ideas around their style that they might not have thought of.

Engage with the brand

Aim to engage with the brand. Like their Instagram photos, sign up for their email newsletter, and share their Facebook posts. Tag them in outfits when you’re wearing their brand, and add a hashtag with the brand name.

The more they see you engaging with them, and that your followers like this, the more likely they’ll be willing to offer sponsorship.

Have a link on your profile to your model portfolio

Always have your Model Cloud portfolio link clearly accessible so they can see what you’ve done and can contact you directly.

Not only can a sponsorship lead to a potential modelling job, but they’ll also be able to see more of you and how you’ll look in their clothes.