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Fitness Trends. Five you may not have heard of

Woman with Tatoo lifing weights

The Gym. Two words that can send some running (or driving) to the hills and some reaching for the sweatband.

I’m somewhere in between, I go through phases. Sometimes it’s Yoga, sometimes a dedicated plan put together by whichever poor trainer I deem worthy. But it seems I am extremely out of step (get it?!) with the current trends. No longer do people worship the cross trainer. The weights bench is a thing of the past.

Here are some of the latest fitness trends that are taking over gyms all over the country. (Mostly London and everyone else is rather sensible and just, you know, works out!)

  1. Pumping Iron Underwater
Pumping Iron Underwater

Yep, you read that right. It’s a form of resistance training but in your local pool. The benefits include; Increased core strength, enhanced cardiovascular system, improved muscle strength and it’s great for injury recovery. Just make sure you have enough breath to get back to the surface after your eight reps!

2. Prama


Go on take a guess. No? Well let me try and explain. This is a cross between a class and a fitness experience. For the real “experience” you need a specialised Prama room. With a feel of the movie Tron, there are light up panels all over the floor and walls, some numbered and of various shapes and sizes. It’s a little like station training and there are endless variations of exercises. Sometimes there is a trainer and sometimes a pre-recorded routine. The benefits? Well it all depends on the style and focus of the particular class and that’s what makes it unique. Also Lots of bright colours so what’s not to like!?

3. VR Fitness

VR Fitness

Not since the age of Wii Fit has tech taken such a big role in our fitness. From fit bit to well all the other things that copy fit bit, wearable tech is on the rise. VR may seem a little dangerous as you can’t really move around too much due to those annoying things we call walls. But imagine sitting on that rowing machine and instead of staring at the endless loup of music videos you are rowing down a river. Or when you are on the exercise bike you get to ride down any street in the world! I think that sounds fun.

4. Skateboarding Pilates

Skateboarding Pilates

Now this at first sounds a little dangerous but when you realise that you are not doing pilates whilst trying to do a 360 trick in a skate park it does make sense! This craze started in Paris and is quickly (apparently) catching on all over the world. As expected, the main benefit is to your core. This is going to require a lot of balance! You could try this one at home but it’s recommended that you use a yoga mat or something even thicker to start. Also don’t try it at the top of any stairs.

5. Running backwards

This one WILL make you the centre of attention. But before you brush it off it’s been proven (by the backwards running guru I assume) that you’ll be expanding 30% more energy than running forward. It’s also a great way of burning stubborn fat. Just think carefully about where you do this. A treadmill might be the best place to start… slowly.

If you have any wonderful workouts that you swear by or that have put you in intensive care, let us know in the comments below!