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TOP UK Cycling Routes You Must Try

It’s the event we’ve been waiting for, and waiting for… and then waiting some more for – but it’s FINALLY here. Kicking off the bank holiday weekend is the Tour de France, originally scheduled for July 202 but pushed back until August due to COVID19. From the 28th August until the 20th September, cyclists begin the route from Nice to Paris, crossing mountainous regions and hilly terrains. We’re keen cyclists at Model Cloud, and form part of the race team TMC where our winnings this year (or post COVID) will be donated to the CALM charity. We’ve been inspired to show you some of the most beautiful cycling routes in the UK, so here’s our top 6, ranging in difficulty levels but not in beauty.

1WALES – Marine Drive, The Great Orme

Easy, On Road, 5 miles/8km

This beautiful 5 mile cycling route – otherwise known as the Marine Drive – takes you from Llandudno’s North Shore to Llandudno’s West Shore, around the limestone headland that juts out of the sea at 207m. Stop off at any point to take in the spectacular views but do be careful of the cars that will be also on this scenic drive.

2CAMBRIDGE – City Cycling

Easy, On Road, 5 miles/8km

If you’re one of the millions who have booked a summer staycation – and that staycation happens to be in Cambridge – make sure you grab a bike and do as the locals do. Cambridge is well known for its flat paths and easy-to-access places of interest, so have a look at some of the cycling routes produced by Cambridge council and hop on. You can find more information here

3PEAK DISTRICT – The Monsal Trail

Intermediate, Off Road, 8.5 miles/13.6 km

This is a popular cycling and walking trail, taking you on the former rail route created back in the 1800s, with gorgeous scenery throughout. The road surface is practically flat throughout and if you want to hear about the history of the Monsal Trail, have a look at this link which details podcasts you can listen to as you cycle. 

4WALES – Elan Valley

Intermediate – Difficult, Off Road, 18 miles/29 km

This SPECTACULAR route can be cycled in either direction, although the most popular course taken heads west from Cwmdeuddwr towards the valley. Taking you past the reservoirs of Caban-coch, Garreg-Ddu, and Penygarreg, the Elan Valley showcases the very best of Welsh beauty, surrounding you with countryside panoramas at every opportunity. Find out more here 

5SCOTLAND – Cape Wrath

Difficult, On road, 11 miles/17.7 km

Fancy a challenge? Adventure seekers, this cycle route is the one for you. This is a really unique day out, where your journey actually starts with a short boat trip – aka the Cape Wrath Ferry – which leaves from Keoldale. Once you’re off the boat, the ONLY way to visit the furthest North West point is by cycling on the only available road. 11 miles later you finish at the lighthouse, where the view is nothing short of incredible. Two things to remember – please ENSURE your return boat is booked, and be wary of the road surface when cycling which is broken in many places. There’s also a bay you can visit at Kearvaig en route, but the track here is very rough so feel free to walk down.

6LONDON – FRANCE – Avenue Verte

Difficult, On road, 247 miles/398 km

247 miles? No problem – we know, it technically LEAVES the UK but it must be put in our list. This daring route takes you through epice scenery on both sides of the Channel, starting at the London Eye and ending at Notre Dame and it takes 8 days to complete. This needs planning, so whether you choose the 247 mile route (believe it or not, the shorter of the two available!) taking you through the rural countryside, or decide to travel more eastward and cycle through urban cities for 287 miles, don’t forget to plan your accommodation! Find out more information here

Have you cycled any of these? Do you have any we need to know about? Let us know!