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Our Top Scenic Cycling Routes In Europe

With the Tour de France kicking off last weekend, we gave you our TOP UK cycle routes but now we’re inspired to go one step further. We’ve listed below some of the most scenic cycle routes that Europe has to offer, so you can add them to your 2021 bucket list. Let’s get cycling!


Easy, On Road, 45km/day

Starting and finishing in Copenhagen, the Danish Riviera is a week’s worth of cycling around North Zealand, with virtually no hills and sticking to mostly cycle lanes. Cycling through picturesque cities and forests, before circling lakes and fjords make this cycle route one of the most beautiful in Europe. Keep an eye out on the various Fjords- Ise Fjord, Lammefjord, Holbæk Fjord, Roskilde Fjord – and don’t forget to stop at Kronborg (the castle in Shakespeare’s Hamlet) and Helsingør.

There’s plenty of tours that offer you options, so do your research!


Easy, On Road, Various km

When you think of The Netherlands and cycling, you probably picture Amsterdam – and for good reason. The Netherlands have a huge flat terrain that makes jumping on a bicycle so easy, and if you’re looking to cycle a little with the family then Amsterdam is the best place for that. You have a number of routes that take you either through the city to the main tourist attractions, or off the beaten track into the rural countryside. It helps a LOT that drivers are so patient and understanding (not like us London drivers eh!) so whether you prefer to cycle to the nearby city of Utrecht along the canal or fancy a day trip to the seaside town of Edam (yes, you can find out about the cheese history here) the option is yours!


Intermediate, On Road, 225km

Okay, so we’ve labelled this as an “intermediate” cycle route due to distance, but actually the path itself is not strenuous as the whole stretch is basically downhill! The scenery throughout is absolutely breathtaking, and you can choose to stop off in the beautiful towns of Bolzano and Trento before setting off again. 


Intermediate, On Road, 88km/day

This route guarantees you impressive scenery, combining beautiful coastline with city views, beginning in Valencia and finishing in Faro. The beautiful European backdrop complete with hot weather throughout makes this a winner in our list. Have you got what it takes?


Difficult, On Road, 96km-128km/day

There’s a variety of companies that offer you the opportunity to cycle this 9 day tour, starting in Venice, crossing into Slovenia before arriving in the final destination of Croatia. With 7 days on the road, you’ll be covering mainly the coastal trail, offering views of the surrounding islands before entering Dubrovnik’s iconic walled city.

Which will YOU be completing?