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Our Top Rooftop Bars In London For Any Occasion

We’ve known for a while that outdoor socialising is gaining popularity, after the Government has instructed that socialising outside is less dangerous than being confined indoors. London couldn’t have felt less vibrant in the past few months, and for a while we really didn’t see the opening of any hospitality venues in the slightest. Thank goodness, we can at least celebrate their opening – albeit socially distanced – with a drink at a rooftop bar, overlooking the city we know and love so well. 

Whether you’re fancying a change from a local pub, want to watch the sunset with friends or need ideas for a COVID-friendly first date, here are our pick of the bunch!  Remember, the days of spontaneously walking into a bar are seeming like a bittersweet memory, so don’t forget to book in advance!


Aviary Bar, Finsbury Square

Located on the tenth floor of the Montcalm Hotel in Finsbury Square lies Aviary bar. A popular amongst the local businessmen and women after work hours, with an elegant and chic decor to match, it features one of the best views across London. The cocktails here are fabulous and it’s a great place to spend an evening catching up with your friends surrounded by incredible skyline view. Whether you’ve booked a space on the outdoor terrace, or one of their unique, cosy, rooftop igloos, ensure you reserve in advance as this bar gets busy fast – and for good reason.


Dalston East, Dalston

Previously, pre COVID-times, Dalston East was a perfect location showcasing great events and made for a fun weekend out. Unfortunately, the venue has had to stop these now, but the drinks and the stunning views still remain. The concept is great here, where profits made from the drinks and music go to the Bootstrap charity, whose focus is to support people setting up their own businesses and improve their employability skills.


Madison, St. Pauls

Madison is well known for both its Mediterranean restaurant and gorgeous cocktail bar, with magnificent views overlooking St. Paul’s Cathedral. They’ve got an extensive champagne list here, so make sure you enquire about it when you go!


Radio Rooftop Bar, The Strand

Whether you’re sipping your cocktail watching the sun set across London, or fancy drinks before your meal at STK restaurant, Radio Rooftop MUST be one of the bars you visit this summer. Located on the tenth floor of the MELIA Hotel, its chic design and impressive views reaching as far as the London Eye make this a must for a Saturday evening – an experience to remember! 


Bussey Rooftop Bar, Peckham

Situated on the top of the Bussey building, unrivalled panoramic views circling London at 360 degrees make this a stunning option for a weeknight. Choose from a covered or uncovered table – you can never predict the weather – and enjoy! They offer food, drinks and comedy nights too, so what are you waiting for?

Which is your favourite rooftop bar in London? Let us know in the comments below!