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Coffee & A Candid Snap? Welcome To The Most Instagrammable Cafes In London

Whenever I’ve been on the move travelling, looking for quirky cafes is my number one thing I do before arriving in every city. I love coffee, I love a great ambience and there’s nothing better than going somewhere unique. Now that travelling plans are speculative for the foreseeable future, I’m in the mood to explore the best of what London has to offer – and you guessed it, that means those distinctive coffee shops. So which do you think is on the list? Let’s have a look at some of the most charismatic cafes in London that you DEFINITELY need to showcase on your Instagram.

1Palm Vaults

This plant based cafe resides in Hackney and what better way to feel like you’re abroad than being surrounded by the gorgeous palm tree decor? Their Miami-esque ambience and the incredible looking lattes served makes this cafe infamous on the ‘gram and I think you’ll be so blown away that you may forget to order in the first place! The cafe reopens in September so make sure you arrive ahead of the crowd. Check them out here

2AIDA Cafe

Situated in a vintage clothing stores, make sure to try out their sunshine latte whilst you people watch from inside. Check them out here

3Whiskers and Cream

Hands down, I cannot WAIT to book an afternoon tea here, surrounded by my favourite animals. Whiskers and Cream caters for those that are vegetarian, vegan and gluten free, so whether you want to pop in for a quick espresso or a sit down brunch, you’re sure to find something for everyone here. From artisan coffees to speciality teas, what’s not to love about this luxury cat cafe? Check them out here

4EL&N Cafe

Are you a pink lover? If yes, then THIS is the cafe for you. If you’re looking for the perfect place for a coffee and candid photo, I think the pink walls, pink ceilings and thousands of flowers here would make a pretty good option. Check them out here

5Dalloway Terrace

Is it a luxurious greenhouse? Is it a coffeeshop? Is it a restaurant or a combination of all three – I’m not sure but I LOVE it. Dalloway Terrace is an absolutely STUNNING location for a get-together with your friends or a special occasion. There’s an extortionate amount of beautiful flowers greeting you both inside and outside, making it not only a great choice for a coffee and candid snap, but a three course MEAL and candid snap! Check them out here

Which cafes would YOU recommend for that perfect photo opportunity?