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Famous models who used social media to gain publicity

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With the explosion of the internet, the route to modelling has never been so different. Instead of a select few getting spotted on the street by talent scouts, Instagram, other social media sites and websites like the Model Cloud have made modelling accessible to many more people, as it should be. Here are some top models who found fame through the internet.

The Hadid sisters

Gigi and Bella Hadid are household names and international supermodels, but they didn’t become successful through a modelling agency. Instead, they posted pictures to Instagram of their daily lives, consisting of glamorous shots of them at the beach, around the pool and at bars, always with perfect makeup and enviable fashions. These pictures were spotted and they are now walking the runways for top designers all over the world.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski is another model who avoided the agencies and became famous with the help of Instagram. It’s worked out rather well for her, as she’s now walking catwalks for international designers and starring in music videos.

Kendall Jenner

While most people will recognise Kendall Jenner as part of the Kardashian clan, she’s also a world famous model. She and her sisters’ regular posts on Twitter and Instagram not only made the family famous but also won Kendall a modelling contract. Kendall and the Kardashians in general are a good example of using social media to further their careers, which everyone can agree has been extremely successful. You may not have Kendall’s champagne lifestyle (yet), but you can certainly take amazing modelling shots with the right makeup and lighting. If you have a friend who is a photographer, get them involved too.

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