Digital Marketing Tips

In a time of the unknown…

In a time of the unknown, it is very easy to give up on your business or career and to focus on the negatives. It is extremely hard to adapt to the situation at hand and to see a light at the end of the tunnel. A lot of us are dealing with this situation in different ways, some better than others but that’s okay! There is no rule book on how we should be reacting, how we should be feeling or what we should be doing with this time.

The time we have been given

The time that we have been given is rare. Time to spend with our children, time to spend with our partners and time to do house chores that we often put off or put to the back of our minds. However, what if this time is a blessing? What if this time is something we will NEVER get back and an opportunity to improve on so many parts of our life, personal or business focused? Of course, we all choose to spend this time differently and that’s completely acceptable but we want to do everything in our power to steer brands into the future and to put them ahead of the game when we eventually find our way back to normality.

Improving your digital marketing strategy

This is the time to focus on your brand – especially the digital aspects. Social media, email marketing, website improvements and branding overall – use this time to invest in your brand digitally and reap the benefits now and in months to come! Follow our tips below to see how you can be improving your digital marketing strategy and using the time you didn’t have before to focus on digital aspects of your brand.

Social Media

  1. Content – use this time to build up your content. Make sure your aesthetics are clean and concise, you can use tools such as Photoshop, and Canva to help with graphic content and use other apps to help with Instagram story creation and editing imagery. Just browse the App Store on your phone to see what’s out there or download the Adobe package to take advantage of all programmes!
  2. Strategy – make sure your strategy is detailed, clear and precise. Know when you want to put out content, why you want to put it out and what the end goal is. Create a document or a calendar to clearly lay this out.
  3. Tone of voice – make sure your copy fits your target audience. Whether you are friendly, elegant or humorous your tone of voice needs to reflect the brand and the people you are reaching out to.
  4. Target audience – clarify who your target audience is and where they are. Knowing their age, location and interests will all help with strategy.
  5. Paid campaigns – perhaps now is the time to look into this if you haven’t before. Paid campaigns are great for increasing reach, awareness and traffic to your website. Investing into this will show results, you just need to make sure your campaigns are clear and have an end goal! Knowing your target audience will also help your paid campaigns be more successful.

Email Marketing

  1. Improve your layout – aesthetics and look is important for email campaigns, try creating your templates in Photoshop or Canva and then importing them into your programme – it gives you more options to play with the design aspect and let’s you get a little creative!
  2. Categories – sort your contacts into categories so your campaigns are more targeted. This allows information to go to the right people and allowing the idea of response rate increasing.
  3. Imagery – use this time to make sure all imagery you use is high quality. Pixelated imagery in an email campaign is a big no and really devalues the information you are sending out. Also try and learn how to make GIF’s to make your imagery a little more dynamic.
  4. Strategy – make a calendar of dates and topics you want to cover, add imagery and any assets that may help you expand the ideas and be more prepared ahead of time for creating the actual campaigns.


  1. Technical improvements – there is nothing worse than a website that has not been checked properly! Make sure all your buttons work correctly and that they all direct to the correct landing page. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes and that everything is in the correct place.
  2. Customer Journey – how can you improve the customer journey on your website? You want people to be able to easily use your website, no confusion and no complications.
  3. Imagery – again, high quality imagery is extremely important. People will find you on your website or on Instagram and both need to reflect the quality of the brand and what the brand stands for. Perhaps it’s time for some updates?
  4. Aesthetics – colour palettes, font and layout. If you have been wanting to make some changes, now is the time!

Overall, you can do whatever you like with the time you have been given – we all are in unique situations and have different priorities to focus on. What we do want to showcase is how following these tips can lead you in the right direction with your digital strategy and help to move your brand forward in the coming months! Stay positive, stay creative and stay healthy!