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Coachella. The Music, the Fashion, the Controversy.

DJ playing at Coachella
DJ playing at Coachella

I have to admit that when I first started seeing the headlines about Coachella I thought it was some kind of new virus discovered in deepest darkest Surrey. Turns out it’s a huge music festival in the States…who knew?!


By now most of you will have seen or at least have heard about Beyonce (she’s a singer apparently) and her epic show there. I’m sure many of you have been scouring the internet for the highest quality recording that you can watch over and over again.

Apart from Queen B, the news coming out of Coachella has been about the fashion of Rihanna and the music of all the hip and happening (the kids still say things like that yeah?!) artists. But aside from the hedonistic warbling from the main stage there has been the voice of discontent from many about the owner, Philip Anschutz, and his alleged donations to some questionable “causes” and politicians.

Whats The Problem With Coachella

The first story that caught my attention was regarding the Queen of the eyebrow Cara Delevingne. She posted on Instagram that she could still love an artist at Coachella and not love Coachella itself. You see the organisations Mr Anschutz has allegedly donated to include ones that support anti LGBT rights, promote Gun laws and are anti abortion. Lovely.

This inevitably brought up the subject in my household of how you can morally go to an event run by someone who’s beliefs you disagree with. It’s a tricky one. As with a lot of the mainstream media it is a dilemma sometimes hard to escape. Let me give you a few examples:


  1. You like Game of Thrones but don’t like multi billionaires with offshore tax havens…better not watch it on Rupert Murdoch’s owned Sky then
  2. Looking forward to Harry and Megan’s wedding but not keen on shooting animals for sport? You might need to send your invite back.


It’s all a bit of a minefield. So do you agree with Miss Delevingne? If you found out that the people behind Glastonbury were supporters of something dark and scary would you still go?

After all I’m sure a lot of vegans and vegetarians will be pitching up their tents….it’s held on a farm.

And there ends my thoughts for today!

Phil xx