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4 simple Instagram tips to improve your modelling career

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When starting out in a modelling career it is important to use the technology available to you to help you get ahead. Here we explore how you can use Instagram to best benefit your modelling career development.

Get more followers

The more influence (i.e. followers) that a model has the more likely they will be to get any given job. It is a powerful piece of leverage if you have more followers than another model and this can make the difference in getting a job or not. Create interesting content and engage with the posts of others to increase your Instagram following but avoid buying followers as the bot accounts gained are far less valuable.

Post daily photos

Scouts are constantly looking on social media for talent so it is important to keep your presence there. Posting a daily photo shows that you can turn the beauty on at any time and will ensure that you are easy to find when the scouts come looking.

Link Instagram to your bookings

Making it as easy as possible for people on Instagram to book you is important too. If they have to search hard to book you then they won’t make it that far and won’t secure the job that should have been yours. Adding a link in your bio to the model cloud will enable interested parties to book you direct, opening up a whole new range of possibilities.

Keep it classy

You don’t need to bare your skin on Instagram to get ahead in the modelling game and doing so could actually harm your chances of getting jobs. Many potential offers will come from people looking for a reputable model who can show their brand in the best light and they will not want to see pictures of you scantily clad. Instagram allows you to add a layer of personality to your modelling portfolio and show some of the things that you do and enjoy to your followers. Use this platform to gain influence and present a professional face to those looking for a model and you will start to secure modelling job leads.