Working on The NHS Frontline

We thank the NHS every day for their hard work and dedication. Saving lives, risking their own lives and protecting the UK...

Digital Marketing Tips

In a time of the unknown... In a time of the unknown, it is very easy to give...


TV & Movies

breaking bad

Lockdown TV – Breaking Bad

So we've been in lockdown for just over 4 weeks now and to be honest, streaming has become a very close friend. 


Fosse/Verdon: 8 part biographical miniseries focusing on the relationship between Broadway and Hollywood titans, director-choreographer Bob Fosse and actress-dancer Gwen Verdon. Premiered in...
spiderman far from home

SpiderMan: Far From Home

I'm a huge Marvel fan. When I say a Marvel fan, I'm talking about the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and not so...

Top 10 T.V. Villains

I’m not sure if you heard but a little show with Dragons just came to an end.

Latest Interview

Meet Martin Mednikarov

MEET MARTIN MEDNIKAROV Six years ago, Martin decided to leave his beautiful home country Bulgaria,...

Lockdown Ideas

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