Here at The Model Cloud we feel strongly about ethics and values, it’s at the core foundation of The Model Cloud and it’s these principles that drive our ambitions.

We truly believe there is another way for both Models and Businesses to engage and that with technology we can make a change to the existing industry standard and bring it into the 21st century with transparency and ethics at its heart.

We set out with 1 target in mind. To make the Model booking process as easy as possible for everyone.

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Models take control of your careers

Just imagine a Model having full control of their earnings and building strong lasting relationships with Verified Clients. Building a brand around themselves, gaining work and recognition within the industry and know that the person managing their career is themselves.

Clients take control of your bookings

On the other side we have created a solution for Clients that makes it fast and easy to book Verified Models in a completely transparent way that effectively gives Clients a cloud based agency at their fingertips, allowing them to take their needs in-house and no longer rely on external agents.

The Model Cloud provides the tools for Models and Clients to easily manage and control their bookings

It has been a fantastic journey so far and we have seen the potential and happiness the platform can provide people when they use it.

We are committed to this task and believe in working with Clients that share our views and ethos and feel that a movement can be made in an industry that is holding onto old business ways and dated techniques.

The Model Cloud, offers Models a voice and a platform to elevate themselves to their full potential without others profiteering on their hard work.

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By promoting and booking your work through The Model Cloud, you are making the first steps towards an industry change becoming fully transparent and ethical.